The Enemy of My Enemy

The Call for Heroes
For heroes they soon shall be.

The new year was marked by a new moon. Is Sehanine trying to tell us something? The Burgundy flooded red in the first week of New Spring, bringing hydration and fertile soil to farmers after a hard winter. Is this a blessing from Melora? Since the snow receded, there has not been a cloud in the sky. Is Pelor watching his faithful? Are these signs from the gods, or are the heavens simply following their natural order?

Whatever the gods may wish to say, darkness is on the prowl. Gnolls are spurred to acts of depravity beyond even their normal way of life. Orcs feel the call to war. Bane’s soldiers are hunkering down to defend their territories. There is talk of horrible things walking the Ghostwood at night. Spirit Talkers cry out to their patron spirits to save their sick children. Rumblings from the mountains trouble Dwarves, Goliaths, and Giants alike.

Dyami, a former Spirit Talker who tends a shrine to Melora and helps the needy, has grown worried about an overdue message from Wildrunner village in the Ghostwood. She has asked for aid from the Allegiance. She has also posted notices throughout Legion’s Gates for anyone interested in a quick and easy job to check up on the well-being of a Spirit Talker tribe with no more danger than is expected from a typical journey into the Ghostwood.

Pay promised is minimal, but Dyami is a good person to make friends with for future favors, and a well-liked member of the community. Anyone interested should meet at the Temple of the Allegiance on the 21st of New Spring.


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