Tag: Geography


  • Legion's Vale

    !>http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b258/ash2dust/The%20Enemy%20of%20My%20Enemy/LegionsValeBase.jpg! A lush valley region between the [[Hammer Storm Mountains]] and the [[Battle Scars]]. Notable features include the town of [[Legion's Gates]], the …

  • Ghostwood

    A forest about a day's journey across the [[River Burgundy]] northeast of [[Legion's Gates]]. These woods are known to have undocumented weak points between the world and both the [[Feywild]] and the [[Shadowfell]]. The villages of the [[Spirit Talkers]] …

  • River Burgundy

    A river of [[Legion's Vale]] which runs roughly southeast past [[Legion's Gates]] from [[Thunder Lake]] in the [[Hammer Storm Mountains]]. The only major waterway of [[Legion's Vale]].