Available Classes

Class Role Power Source Key Abilities Source
Artificer Leader Arcane Int, Con, Wis EPG
Avenger Striker Divine Wis, Dex, Int PHB2
Barbarian Striker Primal Str, Con, Cha PHB2
Bard Leader Arcane Cha, Int, Con PHB2
Cleric Leader Divine Wis, Str, Cha PHB1
Druid Controller Primal Wis, Dex, Con PHB2
Fighter Defender Martial Str, Dex, Wis, Con PHB1
Invoker Controller Divine Wis, Con, Int PHB2
Monk Striker Psionic Dex, Str, Wis PHB3 Playtest in Dr375
Paladin Defender Divine Str, Cha, Wis PHB1
Psion Controller Psionic Int, Con, Wis PHB3 Debut
Ranger Striker Martial Str, Dex, Wis PHB1
Rogue Striker Martial Dex, Str, Cha PHB1
Sorcerer Striker Arcane Cha, Dex, Str PHB2
Swordmage Defender Arcane Int, Str, Con FRPG
Warden Defender Primal Str, Con, Wis PHB2
Warlock Striker Arcane Cha, Con, Int PHB1
Warlord Leader Martial Str, Int, Cha PHB1
Wizard Controller Arcane Int, Wis, Dex PHB1


Shorthand Description
PHB# Player’s Handbook
FRPG Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
EPG Eberron Player’s Guide
Dr# Dragon Magazine issue
X Playtest in Y Class from source X presented as a playtest in source Y
X Preview Class from source X presented as an online preview before the source’s official release
X Debut Class from a preview of source X available only to D&D Insider Subscribers


All classes presented in books or online material officially produced by Wizards of the Coast for the Fourth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons are available when they are added to the Compendium, whether they are explicitly presented here as available or not.

If there is more than one version of the same class (such as is the case with the Artificer found in Dragon Magazine and the Eberron Player’s Guide), then the version most recently published in the Compendium is the one in use, even if it conflicts with what is presented on this page.

Should a character be playing a class at such time that a new or updated version of that class is released in the Compendium, the player will be expected to make any changes to update the character to the newly official version. If a newer version of class has been published in printed or online material but has not yet been updated to the Compendium, the player may choose which version to use until the class is updated to the Compendium.

Be aware that classes presented in playtests and previews may have a limited amount of builds, powers, feats, and other options until their official release.

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