Character Creation


The campaign will begin with level 1 characters. Characters made after the campaign begins due to character death or retirement or new incoming players will begin play with the same experience as the party average.

Ability Scores

Point Buy using 22 points as per Player’s Handbook I pages 17-18.


Available Races


Available Classes


Any non-evil.


Any listed as a god or ally of The Allegiance.


Background elements and benefits from the Player’s Handbook 2, but the player may choose a benefit from any one of the backgrounds from the free Characters of War article from Dragon 366 instead of a benefit from their primary background element.

A PC is free to begin play as a member of the Allegiance, the Knights Burgundy, the College of Saint Bede, the Spirit Talkers, or various combinations thereof.

Skills, feats, powers, paragon paths, epic destinies, etc.

Anything found in the compendium and character builder at the time of character creation for which your character meets the prerequisites.

Exceptions are anything granting or requiring spellscars or dragonmarks. These are not readily available, but may or may not become available through character development and story events.

Heritage feats may be taken at any level when a feat would normally be granted, as long as prerequisites are met.

Equipment and other purchasables

Level 1: 100 gp for purchasing initial equipment. Don’t forget food, ammunition, light sources, rituals, alchemical formulas, and components.

Above level 1: One item equal to level – 1, one item equal to level, one item equal to level + 1. Mundane items (defined as items not given a level but not including mounts or ritual or alchemical books, scrolls, or components) are free.

Party Build

Try to build characters that have some reason to be in or around Legion’s Gates and the Ghostwood as well as reason to put their lives in each other’s hands.

Character Creation

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