Temple of the Allegiance

The Allegiance has historically only operated in an organized manner in Legion’s Vale, and as such the only major temple of the church is found in Legion’s Gates.

This edifice was built during the days of the Last Empire, but took influence from the architectural styles of ancient Arkhosia. An arcade surrounds the temple itself. Along the edge of the roof hanging over the arcade are carvings depicting the holy symbols of the various gods of the Allegiance. Inside the arcade, the wall at the southern end of the building proper holds a pair of large, oaken doors marking the front of the building.

Through the doors, one enters the main hall, a large, rectangular room featuring a domed roof painted with common interpretations of the images of the gods of the Allegiance. A central aisle lays between two columns of pews facing away from the door and toward a series of seven altars, each bearing one of the holy symbols of the Allegiance.

The main hall has several doors along the east, west, and north walls which lead to chambers dedicated to various church functions, including dormitories for the priests. The chambers beyond the main hall are diverse in architecture, furnishing, and decorations, as they tend to be used for functions dedicated to different deities.

The temple provides housing for the priests and a number of acolytes and novices, though a few elect to live and practice a trade away from the temple.

Temple of the Allegiance

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