The Allegiance

The Allegiance is a religious order formed by the churches of various similar-minded gods in order to work together to promote the advancement and protection of the creations of the divine.

There is a grand Temple of the Allegiance found in the town of Legion’s Gates. Legion’s Vale is the only area of world where the Allegiance is known to operate in an organized manner.

Church Structure

In the temple, each of the gods of the Allegiance is represented by a priest.

A high priest represents the Allegiance as a whole, performing duties relevant to all of the gods to which the church is dedicated. Upon the death or retirement of the high priest, the circle or priests elect one of their number to take his place. The current high priest is Taggart.

Each priest has at least one acolyte groomed to fulfill the priest’s duties in his absence or fill the priest’s position should the priest retire, die, or be promoted. Depending on any given priest’s nature and the edicts of his god, he may have any number of acolytes and novices.

Gods of the Allegiance

The following gods have entered into the Allegiance:

God Areas of Influence Alignment Priest
Bahamut Justice, Honor, Nobility, Protection Lawful Good Saeran
Corellon Arcane Magic, Spring, Beauty, the Arts Unaligned Vasant
Erathis Civilization, Invention, Laws Unaligned Jariath
Ioun Knowledge, Prophecy, Skill Unaligned Red
Kord Storms, Strength, Battle Unaligned Harding
Moradin Creation, Artisans, Family Lawful Good Camber
Pelor Sun, Summer, Agriculture, Time Good Manton

Allies of the Allegiance

The followers of these gods have been known to give assistance to and work toward mutual goals with the Allegiance:

God Areas of Influence Alignment Local Priest or Devotee
Avandra Change, Luck, Trade, Travel Unaligned Jagger
Bane War, Conquest Evil Kondo
Melora Wilderness, Sea Unaligned Dyami
The Raven Queen Death, Fate, Winter Unaligned None
Sehanine Trickey, Moon, Love, Autumn Unaligned Chaviva

Each of these gods has, at the least, a local shrine. There is a Temple of Bane in Legion’s Gates.

Though the Raven Queen has no dedicated clergy in or around Legion’s Gates, the Clergy of the Allegiance does maintain a shrine in the local cemetary and perform funeral rites in her name.

The Allegiance

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